What is ULF/NPA/MGO?


    Each batch of our pure Australia`s Manuka is tested at independent laboratories before packaging to guarantee it contains high levels of NPA and MGO activity.

    The antibacterial and therapeutic properties of Australia`s Manuka honey has traditionally been given a number rating system (NPA or Non Peroxide Activity) which compares it to the ability of a diluted solution of phenol. This means that a honey with a 10+ rating is equivalent in potency of a 10% solution of phenol. More recently an MGO rating system has been introduced which measures natural compounds within the Australian MANUKA responsible for its unique antibacterial properties. This MGO rating is directly equivalent to the NPA system.​

    We use the Australian quality symbol NPA level of activity and MGO. This is our guarantee that our honey has been tested and verified by independent laboratories for genuine activity.

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    • I bought the ULF BIOSOTA AUSTRALIAN MANUKA HONEY MGO 1550 heals a lot from Toronto Ontario Candada the eczema psoriasis and dry skin stops itching skin

      Kelly Lee

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