About Us

Our Heritage

Biosota is a third-generation family owned business originally hailing from Europe who started beekeeping in the 1950s. The family established a new home in Australia in 1996 to combine its generations of expertise with the unique Australian environment to create Australian Manuka honey.


BioSota today

Established in 1999, Biosota is a family owned Australian company proudly delivering to customers locally and worldwide the very finest high grade MGO and certified organic Manuka honey.

Biosota means ‘natural-hexagon’ which is what the bee creates naturally for protection. We refer to it as ‘natural endurance’ – what our honey provides you and your family.

Owners Andrey and Oxana Zubko personally ensure Biosota honey is cultivated with love, expertise and science. Honey is not only their passion, but it’s their life ambition to engage their customers in a new conversation about healthy living from good foods which includes Manuka honey.

The results of their efforts? A rare, distinct and superior honey unlike any other in the world.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with a choice of Australia’s very finest high grade MGO and certified organic Manuka honey. We do this through a distinctive honey you can enjoy every day. Our business practices centre around integrity and sustainability of the environment and the beekeepers that support Biosota’s best practice beekeeping. 

We aim to satisfy our customers by selling the best quality products produced the way mother nature meant. We are constantly innovating our range, adding new products with extra features.

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Try BioSota Manuka Honey

We offer you the highest quality, 100% Australian made, sustainable, RAW (not-heat-treated) and affordable Manuka honey in varying levels of internationally tested MGO (methylglyoxal) strength, unique packaging and innovative ways to enjoy honey.

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