Manuka Honey Guide Chart

    Biosota follows a scientifically-backed numerical standard for testing Manuka honey: Methylglyoxal (MGO). MGO is a clear indication of a potent, pure, quality Manuka honey.

    The MGO levels of our high-strength medicinal Manuka honey ranges are regularly tested and verified authentic by independent accredited laboratories in Australia and New Zealand.

    Medical grade Manuka honey presents higher levels of MGO when compared to other premium Manuka honey and can help with wounds, burns, oral hygiene, and the soothing of sore throats and bacterial coughs.

    The higher the MGO number of the Manuka Honey, the stronger its antimicrobial bioactivity levels and the more potent the natural medicinal benefits.

    We want our customers to both understand and value the importance of MGO, which is why we’ve created the comprehensive guide below.

    Read on to discover just what MGO is, how it compares with other rating systems, and what MGO grading you should be looking for when making your Biosota Organics Manuka honey purchase.
    manuka honey grading chart

    Markers of Authentic Australian Manuka Honey

    What is MGO?

    MGO is short for Methylglyoxal – a naturally occurring compound of authentic Manuka honey. Leading Australian research has shown that MGO is a globally recognised and accurate unit of measurement of Manuka honey.

    The higher the MGO rating or number, the greater quality, purity, and medicinal strength of the Manuka honey. Simple! Right? But where do NPA/ULF and DHA ratings come in?

    What is NPA and ULF

    Non-peroxide activity (NPA) represents the level of bioactivity of the Manuka honey and the Unique Leptospermum Factor (ULF) measures it.

    What is DHA

    Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is unique to Manuka nectar, and has not been found in any other floral types of honey. DHA is the precursor for MGO and the conversion of DHA to MGO takes place slowly over 12-24 months. A high DHA - low MGO Manuka honey is indicative of a young honey. When the DHA-to-MGO ratio is about even, the honey has completed the maturing process and has achieved its maximum potency.

    What MGO level is right for me?

    Biosota Manuka honey is unrivaled in its purity, potency, and taste. We are proud of our extensive range of honeys, all with varying levels of MGO. While each jar of Biosota Manuka comes with an array of health benefits, it is the potency (aka the higher the MGO) that increases its therapeutic effectiveness and efficiency.

    Our medicinal honey goes a long way in helping to relieve, soothe, cleanse, and support the healing of various ailments such as skin wounds, sunburn, facial cold sores, digestion, and cold symptoms. Not to mention, Manuka honey has been proven to improve the gut microbial balance and also includes antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that can decrease healing time.

    We love Manuka honey – and you should too! It can work to sterilise and draw moisture from wounds, prevent bacteria growth and encourage wound healing.

    Ready to make a purchase? The table below will detail how each grade of activity is defined and help you discover the honey right for you!

    manuka honey chart
    General Wellbeing
    We suggest: MGO 30–250+

    On the lower end of the MGO scale, honeys graded at MGO 30+ are a great option for a natural, everyday treat. Those closer to MGO 250+ can work well as a maintenance dose to support immunity. Biosota’s Manuka honey straws are a satisfying addition to your cuppa and a great way to maintain a daily dose.
    Medicinal Strength
    We suggest: MGO 260–490+

    Honeys graded at MGO 260+ begin to enter the realm of the minimum activity necessary for medicinal use. They can work well for bacterial coughs, sore throats, and minor cuts, scrapes, bruises and sunburn.
    High Medicinal Strength
    We suggest: MGO 500–990+

    Honeys graded at MGO 500+ have a higher potency than minimal medicinal grade honeys and are potentially more effective for maintaining digestive health. Studies have also shown that highly graded Manuka honey, used in combination with other methods, significantly reduces the severity and duration of colds & flu symptoms.
    Superior Strength
    We suggest: MGO 1000–1900+

    Reaching the higher end of the MGO rating system, MGO 1000+ honeys are quite potent, which may increase the efficiency of relieving chronic and more complex health issues such as gut health, bacterial infections, ulcers, wounds and burns.
    As these ratings suggest, these honeys are rarer and are sought after for their potency and effectiveness in addressing concerns mentioned above. Biosota’s MGO 1717+ is one of the highest-grade medicinal Manuka honeys on the market.
    Ultimate strength
    We suggest: MGO 2100+

    Our MGO 2100+ is the rarest, strongest, and highest MGO-rated Manuka honey in the world. Limited edition - only 500 jars ever produced.

    At Biosota, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality Australian-made Manuka honey. From general immunity to wound care, Biosota stocks Manuka for all needs. Shop today with Manuka honey ratings ranging from MGO 30 to 2100+.

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