We’re the Manuka honey experts empowering people to live a happy and healthy lifestyle


    Our Manuka honey is unrivaled in its purity, potency and taste. Its benefits are priceless and it has a great variety of uses, to build and support your wellness.

    Need help selecting the best strength of Manuka for empowering your health? Read on, we have you covered.

    General wellbeing

    On the lower end of the MGO potency scale, honey graded at MGO 30+ is a great option for a natural, everyday treat. Biosota’s Manuka honey straws are a satisfying treat for all family members and the delicious secret to wellness.


    Immunity enhancer

    Manuka honey closer to MGO 260+ can work well as a maintenance dose to enhance and protect your body’s defense. Treat your immune system to a delicious boost, rich in vitamins and minerals, including enzymes and phytochemicals.


    Skincare & beauty

    Manuka honey has been used in home skincare for many years due to its potential antibacterial properties, as a cleansing and soothing solution. Plus, it's a great moisturiser and a gentle exfoliator — an all around star ingredient. Try it in DIY mask recipes, anything from MGO 150+ to MGO 800+ will help you get that natural glow.



    Australian certified organic

    Our honey is 100% Australian certified organic and non-GMO certified.

    Quality control at every step

    Ensuring we provide our customers with the purest Manuka honey.

    Independently laboratory tested

    Each jar of our Manuka honey is regularly tested for its MGO levels.


    Manuka honey is the natural secret to the immune system's wellness and key to your preventative health.
    If you have questions on how to incorporate Manuka into your daily routine or are after more detailed information on what different levels of MGO mean, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help.

    Biosota is a family-owned company with three generations of beekeeping experience. We are passionate about providing our customers with high quality Australian Manuka honey created by nature and harvested by our skilled apiarists.

    Our family-owned farm is nestled deep in the Australian bush, with hives carefully positioned among an abundance of Manuka trees, far away from external pollutants.