Why will Manuka Honey be your best friend?

    Manuka Honey, like any other honey, is a product made by bees. At first glance, you may not see the contrast between ordinary delicacy and Manuka Honey. But there is a big difference.

    You may have heard a lot of information about Manuka Honey, but all of it is scattered on the Internet and it can be difficult to put together. This article contains everything you wanted to know about Manuka Honey. Clearly, detailed, useful.

    manuka honey benefits

    Why such a name?

    We are sure that you have never thought why honey was called that way and not otherwise. We decided to find out and share it with you. Honey from several languages ​​means “hoppy drink”. Not surprising, because it is impossible to “keep hands off it”. So what this novelty is and why it made so much noise?

    Actually, Manuka is a tree plant with beautiful pink and white flowers. Scientifically, this tree is called the Leptospermum scoparium, but we know it as Manuka from the Maori language. This is the indigenous settlement of New Zealand, Tasmania, and Australia. Therefore, everything is simple - the name was given in honor of the flower.

    NPA is a cause of Manuka Honey uniqueness

    Any honey has resistance to germs. Manuka Honey also has antiviral qualities but different source and quantity.

    Ordinary honey gets this effect, also called NPA, from a bee. That is, the bee actually “adds” peroxide activity to honey while Manuka Honey NPA is part of the tree. This is an exclusive feature of Manuka Honey.

    Non-peroxide activity is a crucial component of honey, and we will tell you more about it.

    Phenol is an antiseptic remedy like Dexpanthenol, and since Manuka honey has the same properties, they can be compared. A 20% phenol solution will have the same properties as Manuka Honey NPA 20.

    More specifically, the NPA shows Honey’s strength. Therefore, the higher the level of NPA, the more beneficial honey is for health.

    Possible during pregnancy

    When a woman is pregnant, she can’t take many pills because there could be a serious health risk. Therefore, alternative methods are an excellent replacement not only for immune-strengthening drugs but also for many others. Synthetic products will never be equal to natural because of their contraindications. Therefore, honey will be an excellent substitute for pills.

    Pregnancy makes the girl even more beautiful, but also gives some inconvenience in the form of

    • Morning sickness
    • Sleep Disorders
    • Toxins
    • Irritability
    • Fatigue
    • Weight gain

    It is crucial to remember that in the first months of pregnancy, there is a risk of getting sick because immunity at this time is rather weakened. This delicious product can be a great preventive method and an immune-strengthening agent.

    You do this not for someone, but for yourself, so you need to choose the best product. For example, Manuka Honey 20 has strong antibacterial properties. A top-quality product can both alleviate all problems and be an excellent substitute for sugar.

    The Best ways to eat Manuka Honey

    We have several ways for you to eat this delicacy:

    Well, that’s understandable, that honey is a sweet enough product, but if you really want it, then you can eat honey just with a spoon.

    Manuka Honey may be consumed with any product: pancakes, muffins, bread, buns.

    A glass of water in the early morning will help it to balance things during mealtime, but if you take a little spoon of honey it will wake you up in the morning and “nourish” the brain with glucose.

    If your cream runs out, take a Manuka Honey NPA 20. After several applications, the skin will become smooth, light and radiant and will thank you for it.

    It is worth trying honey as a hair conditioner. Moisturizing and healthy hair guaranteed. 

    Ordinary Honey vs Manuka Honey 20. Major features

    Main difference

    Ordinary honey is extracted from various flowers, while Manuka Honey is made just from one type of plant — Manuka. Depending on the flowers, normal honey also has different colors, smells, and tastes while Manuka Honey is an exclusively dark type of honey.


    You can’t call ordinary honey bad, because it contains useful vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. But Manuka Honey is very ahead of ordinary varieties of delicacy in the composition. The content of methylglyoxal and leptosperin, as well as important non-peroxide activity, makes this honey truly universal.


    Manuka Honey — a special delicacy that doesn’t have any treatment, does not contain GMOs, without the addition of chemical components, the so-called raw honey. But the fact that ordinary honey is pasteurized is not bad, it is still very healthy.

    Win-win situation

    Manuka Honey is famous for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents. Therefore, when choosing honey, always focus on the NPA indicator, it should be at least 10. The best value for this treat is NPA 20.

    Regular honey does not pull up the rear. It lowers cholesterol, helps with high blood pressure and diabetes.

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