Want to supercharge your Manuka Honey? Just add Superfoods!

    Manuka Honey might be a hot health sensation, but unlike many popular foods, its qualities live up to its reputation. Created by bees who feast on Manuka trees, it’s a type of honey with profound antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties, making it a highly sought-after superfood. Being such a powerhouse in and of itself, one might wonder if it’s possible to improve on Manuka. We’re here to tell you that it can be done, by combining it with other superfoods.

    Superfood-enriched Manuka honey is a fantastic way to double up on your superfood consumption in one convenient spoonful. BioSota Organics has created a variety of delectable Manuka Honey blends for your benefit, carefully selected to make the most of each separate ingredient.

    Manuka MGO 30+ & Moringa: Great for vegetarians

    Moringa has sizeable amounts of iron, magnesium and Vitamin A in it. Coupled with Manuka, it has powerful immune boosting qualities and is a great source of energy for vegetarians and others who are conscious about their dietary intake.

    Manuka and Turmeric: Great for reducing inflammation

    The bright yellow turmeric root contains cur cumin, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is a great defence against autoimmune problems like IBS and arthritis, especially when added to Manuka.

    Manuka and Ginger: Great for colds and flu

    The combination of honey, lemon and ginger has long been a home remedy for colds and flu. Just imagine what the addition of Manuka will do to stave off congestion and throat chest infections.

    Manuka and Cranberries: Great for UTIs

    Women with UTIs are told to guzzle litres of sugary cranberry juice to fend off the possibility of recurring infections. Natural cranberries, added to Manuka makes consumption and prevention that much easier and healthier.

    Manuka and Strawberries: Great for Vitamin C

    Did you know that per gram, strawberries are lower in calories and higher in Vitamin C than oranges? The benefits of Manuka are only increased by the addition of Vitamin C in strawberries, coupled with the flavour of strawberry!

    Manuka and Blueberries: Great for antioxidants

    Blueberries might be small, but they are considered to be one of the best sources of antioxidants out of all fresh fruits and vegetables. Period. Their antioxidant benefits are boosted even further when added to Manuka.

    The benefits of Manuka and other superfoods are boundless.

    With Biosota Organics, getting your daily fill has been never been easier, or more delicious with the innovative range of Manuka + Superfoods.

    Manuka Honey is the bee's knees and we've made it better by combining it with your favourite superfoods. Order your blend from Biosota Organics today.

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