Top 10 Manuka Honey Products

    We are sure enough to put the word “Top” in our topic because we know what we sell and proud of it. In this article, we describe 5 of our best products, where the first place is taken by the jar with the highest MGO, and the fifth with the smallest. We can assure you that a small amount of MGO does not make Manuka Honey an unsuitable product, it only means that the antibacterial activity is just weaker. 

    This article will give you a clear understanding of which honey you need and in which cases it will be most effective.

    A little about Manuka

    From previous articles, you already know that Manuka is a type of honey that is extracted exclusively in Australia and New Zealand. The plant where honey is harvested is the tree named Manuka or Tea Tree. And as for its big popularity, - honey has earned it because of unique antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

    MGO Levels

    Buying Australian Manuka you should look at the level of MGO. The higher it is, the greater the antibacterial and antiviral activity and the stronger is honey (the ability to kill a large number of powerful bacteria).

    • MGO 30+ This honey is a common food sweetness, but it can be used to prevent dry throat and also nourish lungs and livers.
    • MGO 100+ Honey has some antibacterial activity. Very useful for strengthening overall health. It serves as excellent prevention against respiratory infections, improves digestion and acts as a good helper in establishing the functioning of the intestines.
    • MGO 250+ High methylglyoxal content. Strong antibacterial effect on the body. Effective for colds, sore throat, and acne. It also eliminates the discomfort of gastritis.
    • MGO 550+ Super activity. Such honey is suitable for the treatment of burns and wounds. It will be effective for various problems in the oral cavity, problems with the intestines and stomach.
    manuka usage guide

    Australian Manuka Honey MGO 150+ NPA/ULF 5+

    The fifth place of honor is occupied by Manuka with minor antibacterial activity. This honey will be an excellent addition to different drinks and will serve as a prevention against various viruses and bacteria. The Manuka line with this level of MGO will not cure various diseases, because it has a small antibacterial activity. However, it still remains a healthy product and can help heal minor wounds. The incredibly delicious natural sweetener was made exclusively from Manuka flowers. This makes it monofloral honey, which makes it more unique. It is worth noting that MGO 150+ is equivalent to ULF 5+ and 6+ Non-peroxide activity.

    Australian Manuka Honey MGO 184+ NPA/ULF 8+

    Next on the list is a jar of honey, which can improve your mood, and at the same time will prevent flu. This honey does not have an intensely sweet taste, but moderate and slightly bitter. This Honey is also evocative of caramel taste. A slightly woody and herbal aroma will fit perfectly into the evening tea ceremony.

    A spoonful of Honey from this jar will help you get rid of discomfort in the throat, prevent colds and have a beneficial effect on the intestines. After all, it is better to prevent and avoid the spread of bacteria than taking more serious measures to eradicate problems later.

    Australian Manuka Honey MGO 260+ NPA/ULF 10+

    This Manuka honey is from the line of highly effective ones because it has a fairly high antibacterial activity. Starting from MGO 250 + Manuka Honey is considered practically a medicine. The only thing, it is important to understand that our honey is not a cure for all diseases, and the best thing you can do is to contact your doctor for a more accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

    Manuka Honey MGO 260+ is an excellent choice for those who want to use honey not only as a treat but also for medicinal purposes. It is important to note that this honey is the best not only according to the feedback of our customers but also due to testing in independent laboratories, which confirmed a high level of methylglyoxal.

    A jar of this honey will be excellent prevention and treatment for colds, sore throat, and dry throat. High content of MGO will help to eliminate problems with the stomach and digestion, remove bloating.

    Australian Manuka Honey MGO 520+ NPA/ULF 15+

    A jar of activated Manuka Honey is not only a pleasant pastime with a cup of tea or coffee, but it is also a bunch of trace elements, vitamins and antibacterial properties that have a beneficial and healing effect on the human body.

    This jar of honey is equal to ULF 15+ and is equivalent to MGO 520+ which is the highest level of antioxidant and antibacterial activity. It fights well cough, sore throat, acne, cuts, burns and many other problems encountered by human beings.

    Manuka Honey can be either a healer or an excellent sweetener and a source of energy. Having a natural origin, this sweet can be present on your menu every day.

    Australian Manuka Honey MGO 1717+ NPA/ULF 31+

    The top-selling product is Manuka Honey with ULF 31+. This is very powerful honey, which can cope with colds just as well as burns and more serious external problems. This jar of Honey has antioxidants, minerals and trace elements in incredibly large quantities. If you play sports or just want to get a surge of energy, this honey will give you this.

    As mentioned earlier, honey keeps your skin elastic for a long time and it is not just talking. Antioxidants are biologically active substances that resist free radicals in our body, which destroy our cells and provoke both aging and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, the use of one or two tablespoons of honey per day will help you strengthen your immune system and resist aging and other problems for as long as possible.

    On the page with this product, you can also find an official document with the result of the composition analysis. It confirms the presence of non-peroxide activity and ULF, and also indicates the exact amount of MGO.

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