Skincare: Benefits of Manuka Honey For Skin

    As the largest organ of our body, the skin needs maintenance and a good dose of tender loving care at times.

    Read on to discover more about the medicinal benefits of Manuka Honey for skincare.

    Manuka honey renews and nourishes from the inside out. Whether you apply honey topically or consume it orally, you can tap into its curative properties to keep the skin healthy and happy.

    Medicinal Manuka Honey is a great addition to your skincare routine and is a protective barrier keeping aging and its signs at bay.

    If you’re interested in using manuka honey for acne or eczema, keep reading. Our top tips help you make the best use of manuka honey for skin infections and healing.

    Manuka Honey Benefits for Skin Infections

    In our quest for the best-looking skin and hair, we hanker after the latest commercial creams and serums, overlooking a natural, organic, and readily available remedy. 

    Manuka honey is one such organic ingredient with an abundance of beneficial compounds, particularly methylglyoxal (MGO) that promotes skin health.

    Raw honey has been celebrated over millennia for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. The presence of antioxidants boosts the ability to fight inflammation.

    Manuka honey is decidedly a superior source of infection-fighting compounds.  These observations are no longer limited to traditional medicine but have been tested in the lab.

    Manuka honey helps balance the bacteria on your skin and drain out the germs hiding under your cysts and pimples. It prevents bacterial growth that causes flareup in acne and other skin conditions including staph and athlete’s foot.

    In fact, recent studies show manuka to be more effective in treating acne than some popular topical applications.

    With inflammation diminishing effects, Manuka provides much-needed relief against adverse skin reactions like psoriasis, paronychia, and eczema that lead to scaly, itchy, and sore patches. 

    The healing ability never ceases to amaze us, as this unique honey works its magic on scars and blemishes and lets them fade away.

    Keeping a jar of premium manuka honey in your medicine cabinet is an excellent idea. This honey is not only effective against skin infections, but it also nourishes your skin.

    Manuka Honey Benefits for Everyday Skincare

    Have you ever wondered why many skincare products boast about honey being a key ingredient?

    It’s for the simple reason that honey is a natural moisturizer and exfoliator. Manuka in your face mask provides moisture to dry skin and keeps it supple. If you’re wondering whether this works on oily skin, rest assured it does. Your skin remains moist but not oily, and you won’t need those face-blotting tissues.

    Besides, it strips away dull and dead skin cells from your face revealing fresh and young skin cells underneath. Your sensitive skin can avoid harsh chemicals that could irritate it.

    We recommend healing honey for the entire family (except children below the age of one). 

    Add a little extra to your daily skincare regime with our Biosota Manuka Honey MGO 880+ or try our Manuka honey containing edible collagen Biosota Manuka Honey MGO 150+ Collagen & Raspberries to revitalize your hair and skin.

    Medicinal Manuka Honey - MGO Grades Explained

    Premium medicinal Manuka honey is defined as high-grade MGO Manuka honey that is scientifically tested for its curative compounds such as antioxidants, bioflavonoids, and immune-boosting enzymes.

    This honey presents higher levels of MGO (Methylglyoxal) when compared to table-grade Manuka honey and is naturally bio-active with anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties for the holistic prevention and treatment of various health ailments.

    Commonly known uses include burns, wounds, infection, oral care, ulcers, gut health, cold & flu, sore throat, cough, immunity building, general well-being, and beauty and skincare. 

    The higher the MGO number of the Manuka Honey, the stronger its antimicrobial bioactivity levels and the more potent the natural medicinal benefits.

    The MGO levels of Biosota’s high-strength medicinal Manuka honey ranges are regularly tested and verified authentic by independent accredited laboratories both in Australia and New Zealand.

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    How to Use and Apply Medicinal Manuka Honey

    Medicinal Manuka honey usage and dosage suggestions made are based on our own direct experience, from feedback received and collated from real customers, and from the latest published scientific journals and research papers.

    Dosage and individual results may vary. Please consult your healthcare provider before beginning any treatment and if symptoms persist. (Allergy advice: honey should not be consumed by children under the age of 1 and people with allergies to honey and bee products).

    How to use Manuka Honey for Skincare

    Try Biosota’s Medicinal Manuka Honey Range -  MGO 300+ to 990+

    Apply medicinal-grade manuka honey topically to minor skin ailments like scrapes, sunburn, eczema, and fungal infections.

    For a less sticky, natural DIY home skincare remedy, try: 

    Blend 2-3 drops of honey with 1 teaspoon of essential oil to make Manuka oil.

    Or add 2-3 teaspoons of honey to your natural cream or body lotions.


    At Biosota Organics, our passion lies in the natural healing power of Manuka honey.

    Our premium Australian Manuka Honey is cultivated by nature with a whole lot of science and love as our secret ingredients.

    Download our free guide: Manuka Honey Antibacterial Benefits for Infections

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    Disclaimer: Statements made have not been evaluated by the TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration) or FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Products sold are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Manuka honey is not intended to be a substitute for other medicines or advice and is best used in conjunction with any existing treatment plans. Please consult your healthcare professional before beginning any treatment. For all of the science-backed and evidence-based information on the natural healing properties of medicinal-grade Manuka honey, please refer to the latest published Manuka Honey research and use at your own discretion.

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