How to Consume and Use Your Manuka Honey

    Manuka honey has so many uses. From medicinal to topical, for cultural reasons or in cooking — the list is endless. But also overwhelming!

    Its many uses and dosages make up some of our most common questions here at Biosota. This is why we’ve collated our own experiences and a range of customer reviews into one easy guide. Read along below to discover our family favourites.

    And just remember, honey cannot be consumed by infants under the age of one. 

    Health and Wellness: Cold and Covid-19 Symptoms

    Honey and medicine have been interlinked for centuries.

    From the Ancient Greeks to Nonna and her home remedies, honey is known as a great tool for warding off and treating common cold symptoms like a sore throat, cough or congestion. Due to the antibacterial and antiviral properties of high-grade Manuka honey it can assist in reducing inflammation.

    Not to mention, its smooth yet sticky consistency can help to soothe a sore throat or relieve a dry cough by coating the inner lining of the throat.

    Some customers have even added small amounts of honey to saline nose rinses to help remove lingering cold or Covid-19 side effects.

    And don’t forget, Manuka honey can also help to boost your immunity when recovering from a cold.

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    Dosage and uses Biosota (and customers) recommend:

    • Take a daily dose of Manuka honey, like a high-grade honey straws (approx. 12g or 1 tablespoon), mixed into your morning cuppa.
    • Ingest a generous serving of medicinal grade Manuka honey MGO 1200+ or 1717+ spread on toast.
    • If experiencing a digestive flare-up, take 2 tablespoons of Manuka morning and night until symptoms ease.

    Skin: Sunburn, Scratches and Scarring

    Our skin is the bodies’ largest organ, so taking care of it is vital. Not only can our skin be impacted by too much sun or a nasty wound, but it also draws in things that are valuable for our body: Vitamin D from the sun, the creams and ointments we use on our skin, and most importantly, Manuka honey we apply topically.  

    Topical use of Manuka is a highly regarded treatment for both soothing recent wounds and helping heal scarring of old ones. As Biosota honey is certified organic, it possesses no nasty chemicals or additives. This makes it even more amazing for topical skincare.

    When treating wounds, scratches or abrasions, Manuka honey can keep the wound environment moist, create a protective barrier and most importantly, its antibacterial properties help in preventing further infection.   

    Various studies have found that Manuka honey can also enhance healing time and assists in tissue regeneration. 

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    Dosage and uses Biosota (and customers) recommend:

    • Apply a generous smear of Manuka directly to the cut or wound.
    • Take a high-grade medicinal Manuka honey orally (in conjunction with its topical application) to assist with immunity and regeneration from the inside out.

    Immunity Depleting Ailments: Staphylococcus

    If you’ve been impacted by recurrent or nasty infections, you will know the lasting impact it can have on your entire body. Coming into contact with a particularly bad infection – like Staphylococcus – sometimes means it can take two or three rounds of antibiotics to resolve.

    While antibiotics are an effective tool in fighting infection, unfortunately, they can also have a negative impact on your microbiome and deplete good bacteria alongside the bad. This is why Manuka honey can be such a great tool for revitalising your body – inside and out!

    Our customers have told us just how effective Manuka is in treating stubborn skin ailments like Staphylococcus when applied topically.

    And due to Manuka’s high antioxidant levels, it can also assist in reforming and strengthening your gut microbiome and immunity levels when ingested as well.

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    Dosage and uses Biosota (and customers) recommend:

    • Apply a generous smear of Manuka directly to the infection site.
    • Take a high grade medicinal Manuka honey orally: 2 tablespoons a day for the course of the antibiotics, then gradually decreasing to your regular daily consumption.

    Integrative Medicine: Herbal and Aromatherapy Mixtures

    Honey and herbs have been friends for years.

    Manuka honey has a rich connection to Ancient Chinese Medicine and has fed into more modern forms of naturopathy and aromatherapy today.

    Manuka honey can be a complementary addition to your essential oils ritual and can also be added to creams and ointments used in aromatherapy, both for its healing and sensory benefits.

     how to use manuka

    Dosage and uses Biosota (and customers) recommend:

    • Add honey to your favourite essential oil blend before massaging into your skin.
    • Place a few drops of honey in your hands alongside your face moisturiser and apply daily.


    The uses and dosages of Manuka honey are varied and diverse. From healing and gut health to everyday immunity, honey can be used in so many facets of life.  While dosage and results vary depending on each individual's circumstance, body and ailment, there’s no denying its positive effects. With most oral uses of Manuka honey, we recommend starting on a higher dose (e.g. at the peak of your cold or infection) morning and night, before reducing back to once a day. When applied topically for an infection or wound, seek a high grade medicinal Manuka honey and apply it directly to the impacted area. 

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    Disclaimer: the conditions described in this article are based on personal and customer experience. Manuka honey is not intended to be a substitute for other medicines or advice. Please consult your healthcare professional prior to treatment.  


    • I would like to thank you as I have a story to tell. A friend of mine has Parkinson’s disease. For the past 12 months she has had a mouthful of ulcers and a very cracked tongue. She spent over $1000 on different remedies, some advised by doctors.
      She was very depressed and losing weight as well as having a mouthful of ulcers.
      We decided to buy some of your honey of which she does a mouth wash and then takes a small amount to put in her mouth running it around her mouth over the problem areas. Today she rang me and has told me that she only has one ulcer left, this is only around a week of using it. She sounded in higher spirits when she called me and could see an end to the pain in her mouth.
      I can only say thank you , thank you, thank you.

      Kerry Patek for Denise
    • I’m very glad I learned about Manuka honey from a show called Superfoods a couple of months ago. Since then, I’ve added 300+ or 400+ Biosota to coffee and tea in the morning everyday and feel like i can run a marathon or run through a block wall..This is a great tasting honey and have added it different dishes especially spring salads and desserts as sugary substitute.
      Gut health is flourishing and overall I feel incredible. I think being an eternal optimist helps the healing properties as well.

      Richard Duke
    • Purchased MGO 1717 for dry eye and very painful red scaly lids and bottom lashline.
      I apply a small amount on a cotton bud to all around the eye and actually in the eye twice a day.
      Absolutely amazing results within the first 24 hours and completely healed within 3 days.
      The skin has healed and is back to normal colour my eyes have stopped tearing ( they itched, stung and wept continually ). I had used lower MGO honey with very good results but this supercharged high MGO has been miraculous for me. I am so grateful to have my lovely eyes back.
      I picked up the purchase with purchase offer of the honey, ginger and lemon to have in my tea. Beautiful. Packaging and service was second to none. A first class operation.
      Wouldn’t shop anywhere else for my honey requirement. Thanks Biosota .

      Lea Smidt

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