From Business to Besties: Our Luxury Gift Guide Revealed

With the holiday season well upon us comes the overwhelming need to nail your gift list. And in the corporate world, that can be a tough one.

Gift baskets and fancy wine are old news. Lucky we’ve got the hottest new thing in corporate gifting!

Looking for a present that’s understated yet luxurious? Want something that speaks to your clients, executives or colleagues’ sense of health and wellness? Maybe something a bit rare?

Say ‘thank you’ with a unique jar of certified organic Biosota Manuka honey.

Discover our luxury gift guide below and pick the perfect present for your boss, board members, best friend and more.

Nature’s Rarest Gift: MGO 2000+


PERFECT FOR: your boss, an exclusive client, your significant other

Our range of exquisitely unique Manuka honey MGO 2000+ even gives us a thrill to unbox. It’s one of our newest products and the highest-grade honey we’ve ever produced.

Rare, distinct and superior, nothing says luxury more than this edible gold. With just 500 jars made, all individually numbered, this range really is as exclusive as it gets.

Plus, what superior present would be complete without packaging to match?

Each jar of Biosota Manuka honey MGO 2000+ is meticulously hand poured into a patented MIRON Violetglass jar, which preserves and protects the honey as if it were still in the hive! Each jars’ lid also includes a special humidity and temperature sensor to ensure it is stored under optimal conditions.

Finished off in a bespoke box, this superior Manuka honey will surpass all other gifts.

Make your gift stand out with a limited-edition jar of exquisitely unique Manuka Honey MGO 2000+.

Shop our range of Manuka honey MGO 2000+ today.

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Our Ultimate Strength Bestseller: MGO 1717+ 

JARS FROM: $57 AUD (discounted bulk options also available)

PERFECT FOR: board members, your direct teammates, your mentor

Our bestselling Manuka, and still a premium product in both purity and taste, our Ultimate Strength MGO 1717+ is your go-to gift. With discounts for bulk purchases, this product is perfect for teams, multiple clients or a range of associates (or hey, even close relatives).

Certified organic, MGO 1717+ is one of the highest-grade Manuka honeys on the market. Biosota’s ultimate strength Manuka honey comes packaged perfect for Christmas, in both our classic and new MIRON Violetglass jars. Exclusive gift boxes are also available with every Violetglass jar.

And as mentioned above, MGO 1717+ can be purchased in bulk quantities (6 and 12 jars). This option will save you up to $700 and is absolutely perfect if you’re looking for a corporate gift option for an entire team or board.

Wanting that little bit extra? Why not add a temperature and humidity lid to your MGO 1717+ purchase (available for both MGO 1717+ and MGO 1200+).  

Shop Manuka honey MGO 1717+ today.

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Superior Strength: MGO1443+ and MGO 1200+

JARS FROM: $57 AUD (discounted bulk options also available)

PERFECT FOR: friends, extended family, your colleagues

Last (but definitely not least) in our exclusive gift range is our Superior Strength Manuka honey: MGO 1443+ and MGO 1200+. In a class of its own, Biosota’s pure Australia Jellybush honey is certified organic and lab tested for optimum potency and purity.

Both available in our classic jars, and MGO 1200+ available in our patented MIRON Violetglass, your Manuka honey gift will ooze nothing but class and exclusivity.

Our exclusive gift boxes and the luxury temperature and humidity lid add-on are also available for your Manuka honey MGO 1200+ purchase.

Shop our range of Superior Strength MGO 1443+ and MGO 1200+ today.

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Biosota’s range of luxury gifts are the perfect present for your nearest and dearest and the most exclusive of clientele, associates and colleagues.

The recipient of your Biosota Manuka honey gift will experience an exquisitely unique and delicious flavour and an extensive range of health and medicinal benefits.

Not to mention, our bespoke packaging and optimum storage technology add to our honey’s wow factor.

Discover our high grade MGO honey range for every occasion. From Christmas and Hanukkah gifts to birthday celebrations, give the gift of golden Biosota Manuka honey!

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