Biosota’s commitment to sustainable Manuka honey production

    Dedicated to sustainable Manuka honey production, here at Biosota Organics, we prioritise ethical beekeeping, are always looking for ways to improve our energy-efficiency and only use eco-friendly packaging across our premium Manuka honey collection. 

    This commitment to sustainability not only supports the ongoing protection of our environment but also ensures our customers receive the highest quality Manuka honey.

    Our ethical beekeeping practices 

    Biosota - Ethical Beekeeping

    At the heart of our business is ethical beekeeping.

    Ensuring our bees thrive in a natural, chemical-free environment, we select pristine remote bee sites far removed from main roads and pesticide-sprayed crops, chemicals and pollutants.

    Our farms aren’t overstocked, which means our bees are happy, healthy and free to forage in their natural wild environment. 

    As producers of one of the only certified organic Manuka honeys in the world, our honey is also free from glyphosate and GMO.

    Ensuring as little human interference as possible, we extract our honey at a temperature which mirrors that of the beehive. We do not heat or pasteurise our Manuka honey, ensuring it preserves its purity and natural bioactivity.

    Energy-efficient Manuka honey production facility

    Energy-efficient Manuka honey production facility

    Focused on minimising our carbon footprint, our Manuka honey is stored and packaged in our solar powered factory.

    By using renewable energy wherever possible, we are able to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, minimise our carbon footprint, contribute positively to climate change and work toward a more sustainable future.

    Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging

    Our packaging is designed to protect the integrity of our Manuka honey while minimising our environmental impact. By choosing materials that are both durable and sustainable, we ensure our products reach our customers in perfect condition, without contributing to the growing problem of plastic waste.

    Offering violet glass and PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic jars within our range, we strive for recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging wherever possible.

    Sustainable Manuka honey packaging

    Miron Glass Jars

    We provide our customers with the choice of obtaining your high-grade medicinal-grade honey in a MIRON glass jar. These unique biphotonic violet glass vessels are reusable, recyclable, and flawlessly preserve your honey and protect its potency by safeguarding it from the harmful effects of UV light.

    Moreover, our MGO 2100+ Manuka honey (500g) glass jars come with a temperature sensor lid, allowing you to monitor its temperature, ensure it is stored in optimum conditions and maximise its already-extensive shelf-life.

    BPA-Free Plastic Jars

    We also offer our customers the choice of BPA-free / phthalate-free PET plastic jars for many of our collections. Our PET jars are transparent, strong, lightweight, and non-toxic. They don’t react with food, help maintain the quality of our Manuka honey, and are 100% reusable and recyclable.

    We have partnered with a sustainable packaging manufacturer who holds the highest environmental certification (Toitu Enviromark Diamond Certified), is a certified ethical manufacturer (audited against SMETA) and has committed to Certified renewable energy (zero scope2 emissions).

    Why are our sustainable honey production processes important?

    Our commitment to sustainability is beneficial not only for the environment but also for our customers. Our ethically produced honey is free from contaminants, ensuring that every jar of Biosota Manuka honey retains its purity and high potency. 

    Additionally, our sustainable practices help to protect and preserve bee populations, which are essential for pollinating crops and maintaining our biodiversity.

    By choosing Biosota Organics, you can enjoy the health benefits of premium high-grade medicinal Manuka honey while supporting a family business that prioritises sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. To explore the full benefits of our Manuka honey, browse our products here.

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