Unlocking the power of Manuka honey: a natural boost for endurance sports and recovery

    Benefits of Manuka Honey for Fatigue Sports Endurance and Recovery

    Pure and raw honey has long been recognised as a reliable and healthy source of energy-giving carbohydrates. Beyond its sweet taste, honey boasts medicinal properties that make it a natural alternative for enhancing energy, performance and recovery.

    According to Hills et al. (2019) ‘honey exhibits natural antioxidant properties that may provide an appropriate balance between controlling the immunosuppressive response to exercise and maintaining the signalling pathways necessary for positive training adaptation.’

    Biosota recently participated in the Somerset Rowing Corporate Challenge and were victorious, placing first out of 12 crews. When it comes to sports and recovery, Biosota’s Manuka honey offers sweet energy and success!

    At Biosota, we know that honey is an exceptional source of fuel for athletes, but below we will investigate the benefits of Manuka honey – a high-quality variety known for its exceptional flavour and nutrition - in the context of endurance sports and recovery.

    Manuka honey, the fuel of choice for endurance

    Quality honey, and particularly Manuka honey, stands out for its ability to heal, refuel and invigorate. Unlike refined sugars, honey helps maintain adequate levels of stored carbohydrates or muscle glycogen.

    It acts as a low glycaemic source of carbohydrates, offering a slow release of energy that aids metabolic activity during training, exercise and competition. According to Naderi et al. (2023), honey may be a particularly useful carbohydrate food source for consumption during exercise, as it is easily transportable through the body. It can also be consumed in a lower volume that other first-food fuel sources, such as oats or bananas.

    With 17 grams of carbohydrates in one tablespoon, a small amount of Manuka honey can go a long way to keeping glycogen stores replenished during strenuous activity.

    Manuka honey as carbohydrate fuel

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    Research supports honey as an effective energy source for endurance and strength athletes (Franzen, 2001). Studies have shown that honey helps maintain consistent blood sugar levels, reduces the production of inflammatory cytokines, and improves athletic performance (Ali et al. 2021).

    In comparison to conventional sports gels and drinks, Manuka honey emerges as a natural and equally effective alternative.

    Manuka honey vs sports gels

    For athletes engaged in endurance sports, consistent performance is crucial. While sports drinks and energy gels are common choices, they often contain artificial additives that may have long-term health effects. Athletes are ‘increasingly turning to more cost-effective ‘food-first’ approaches for CHO (carbohydrate source) ingestion to improve exercise performance’ (Naderi et al. 2023).

    Even honey-infused sports products may not use the purest forms of this natural energy booster. According to Hills et al. (2019), honey elicits the same performance compared with other carbohydrate sources.

    Two studies have also shown the performance benefits with honey ingestion with endurance cycling and running. This makes honey the superior choice for athletic performance as it is also completely natural.

    Organic natural honey, especially Manuka honey, with its potent combination of fructose, glucose, essential minerals, vitamins, protein and pollen, proves to be a superior choice for athletic performance.

    Biosota Manuka honey on the go

    Recognising the inconvenience of carrying honey during training or travel, Biosota has introduced single-serve straws containing 100% Manuka honey. With a runnier consistency due to its 70% fructose and glucose content, Manuka honey is an ideal substitute for traditional energy gels.

    Biosota's single-serve honey straws are convenient, hygienic and perfect for athletes and non-athletes alike, providing a natural and vital energy source on the go.

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    Harnessing the benefits of Manuka honey

    Somerset Rowing Corporate Challenge

    Manuka honey's unique compounds contribute to its famed antimicrobial and antibiotic properties. Biosota's commitment to delivering these benefits led to the creation of the single-serve honey straws, which were successfully introduced to the Sydney rowing team, who confirmed the research – Manuka honey is a perfect source of energy!

    Athletes can easily refuel with these straws during various activities, ensuring they receive the natural energy boost they need. Biosota’s honey straws are incredibly convenient and hygienic and can be kept in your handbags, sports bag or lunchbox. They also make great energy snacks for active kids at school and home.

    Incorporating Manuka honey into your endurance sport routine offers a natural and effective way to enhance energy levels, performance and recovery. Whether you're an athlete or someone looking to stay active, Biosota's single-serve Manuka honey straws provide a convenient and healthy solution.

    Embrace the power of nature and experience the benefits of Manuka honey in your endurance sport.


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