Everything you want to know about honey

    Everyone knows and loves this delicacy since ancient times. This product is the most established in our diet. More recently, people have changed their opinions about food , to be more precise, they have become obsessed with exceptionally healthy and natural nutrition. It is okay that people want to eat healthy products and  see no harmful addings. It is all because of unscrupulous manufacturers who like to add different harmful supplements to make products taste better. Manuka Honey is one of the most healthy and vitamin products to this day. It is very difficult to find an alternative product that will be at least approximately similar in composition and properties to Manuka Honey.

    This article will tell both about unique composition and  manuka honey benefits.

    First Things First

    Manuka is an exceptionally beautiful tree with pink and white flowers where the bees procure the world famous Manuka Honey. The second unofficial name for this honey is “the most healthy honey in the world.” The huge advantage of the bees that collect this honey is the environment. Clean air, lack of traffic and other factors that harm both bees and nectar. That is why absolutely all insects have strong immunity and therefore they do not need different types of “bait”, which consist of sugar or have a chemical composition.

    Main Feature

    The main advantage of Manuka Honey over others is the presence of methylglyoxal. You can read about this here. MGO is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent, and it can also be used as an antioxidant.

    Manuka honey was used many years ago, but scientists have recently become interested in its properties. Namely, the effect of honey on staph bacteria. When this bacterium penetrates the cells of the human body, it begins to feed on them, as well as multiply. The effect of methylglyoxal is very simple - it penetrates into the affected cells and evaporates all the moisture from them, after that the bacteria have nothing to eat and dies. Meanwhile, cells recover and restore fluid balance, after which they can fully function.

    The Main Manuka Honey Benefits

    Manuka honey is the very product that has a beneficial effect on the human body. We have compiled a list of Manuka Honey Benefits in order to understand who, when and under what circumstances should turn to this tasty and healthy product.

    Better Wellbeing

    We understand that it’s a little bit strange to hear that a sweet substance can be an antioxidant, but it is true. They contribute to the renewal and healing of human cells and organs, also they hinder the various diseases progression. Lack of such important substances as antioxidants increases the risk of various diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, it is very important to monitor your condition, diet and choose only high-quality and natural products. Manuka Honey is highly rich in antioxidants and if you use it regularly but wisely your body will be cleaned of toxins and resist bacteria. Therefore, your skin will be clean enough and its condition will improve significantly.

    Scientists also note that the darker the color of honey, the more flavonoids it have. These are plant pigments that regulate the digestive process, protect against signs of aging and various diseases. This raises the question, when should you eat honey flavonoids-rich?

    • during stress
    • fatigue and weakness
    • problems with pressure, blood circulation
    • inflammatory diseases of the intestines, stomach
    • various injuries

    Good for Runny Nose

    During cold weather, our immunity is weakened and requires vitamins, but instead comes a cold. And the consequence of any disease is a runny nose. In order to quickly and painlessly eliminate it, you can also use Manuka Honey. Scientists have found that Manuka Honey copes well with rhinosinusitis no worse than saline solutions or any other drugs from the pharmacy. Moreover, the process of eliminating the common cold will be delicious and painless.

    Wound Healer

    Due to the fact that Manuka Honey has high antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is an excellent remedy for healing wounds, treating infections and even burns. It is also called a natural antiseptic, because in some cases, Manuka Honey can freely replace antiseptics from a pharmacy and heal wounds.

    Eat honey to relax

    Manuka Honey Benefit in front of other types of honey is obviously a high glucose content. And glucose, in turn, is necessary for metabolic processes in the human body. Specifically, in our case, glucose in honey will help you relieve nervous tension, excessive fatigue, anxiety and helps to relax.

    Sleep Well 

    When you eat any sweetness, increase insulin levels , and it, in turn, releases the hormone - serotonin. At night, serotonin turns into melatonin, which is called sleep hormone. He works as a regulator of sleep and wakefulness. Manuka honey certainly has sugar too, so if you take it before going to bed you fall asleep faster and will have a peaceful night.

    Healthy intestine

    It often happens that when you take antibiotics, “good” bacteria that keep the digestive system healthy die. According to some laboratory studies, Manuka Honey can restore these bacteria in the stomach. Therefore, if you want to populate useful “residents” into your body, you should add honey to your diet. Also, the unique composition of Manuka Honey is an excellent prophylactic against various pathogenic microorganisms due to its antibacterial properties.

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