Leave Them Buzzing With Our Fun and Affordable Gifting Range

Give the gift of honey this holiday season with Biosota’s delectable range of gifting goodies!

Perfect for everyone from your work bestie to your Secret Santa, and even Mum, our affordable and delicious range of honey products are calling your name.

Discover our affordable Christmas gift edit below.

Gifts under $50

A little bit wild, a little bit fun: Wild Honey + Buzzy Bear


PERFECT FOR: your littlest pals, Mum or Nan

Biosota’s Wild honey range is the perfect gift for family and friends! 

For those who appreciate the origins of their honey, our Wild honey range will transport them everywhere from the Ironbark forests of Eastern Australia to the flowering Yellowbox trees of Gippsland. Each jar is beautifully packaged in a pink or black box.

Plus, for the kids (and kids-at-heart) Biosota’s wild honey also comes in the adorable Buzzy Bear! With a smooth and buttery but mild flavour, this gift is great for the whole family.

Also available in discounted bulk purchase options, you can share the Buzzy Bear love with your entire family this Christmas.

So why not sit around the breakfast table this Christmas morning with a jar (or bear!) of delicious Yellowbox wild honey?

Shop the Wild Honey + Buzzy Bear range.

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Small but Mighty: Manuka Jars MGO 150+ and 260+


PERFECT FOR: Secret Santa or your fave Uncle

Biosota’s Manuka honey MGO 150+ and 260+ are pure Australian Jellybush honey, and make a delicious Christmas gift…on the affordable side of things.

Although both are a lower activity honey, they are still packed with flavour, and have a range of health benefits — we’d say this MGO level is perfect as a daily maintenance dose (on toast, you say? Delish!).

Give the gift of liquid gold honey this Christmas.

Shop Manuka honey MGO 150+ and MGO 260+.

Practical and Unique: Manuka Honey Straws 


PERFECT FOR: busy bees and travel-lovers 

Biosota’s Manuka Honey Straws are coined ‘honey on the go’ for a reason: these convenient single-serve honey straws are perfect for popping in your morning cuppa, the kiddies’ lunchbox or your handbag.

Manuka honey straws make an awesome gift as they mean you always have authentic honey on hand.

Not to mention, during the festive season we travel far and wide to see family and friends, so you may even want to save some travel-sized straws for yourself!

All 100% natural, we have a range of honey straws to choose from, packaged in zip bags, tubes and gift boxes.

Biosota’s honey straws are sold in a range of honey types and potency levels too. Honey straws come in everything from Yellowbox honey to Manuka honey MGO 300+.

These are the ultimate Christmas gift for those needing a pick-me-up or health-boost on the go.

Shop our range of honey straws.

Super Honey: Manuka Superfoods 

PRICES FROM: $25 AUD (on sale now!)

PERFECT FOR: health-conscious and foodie friends

We all know Manuka honey has a range of health benefits. But Biosota has kicked it up a notch with our Superfood range!

This range combines MGO 30+ and 150+ Manuka honey with superfoods like ginger, turmeric, hemp seed and collagen.

Manuka Superfoods are the ultimate gift for health-conscious or foodie friends and the vast array of combinations make for a nourishing kickstart to anyone’s day.

This gift is a kitchen all-rounder and these blends can be spread on toast, added to your cuppa, blended in your smoothie or eaten straight from the jar.

Blends like Manuka Honey + Ginger and Lemon are the perfect immune booster after a celebratory silly season, or use our Manuka Honey + Turmeric and Cinnamon to create a spicy golden latte.

Shop our range of Manuka Superfoods.


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Gifts from $50 to $100

Superior Strength Straws: Manuka Straws MGO 550+

PRICES POINT: $57 AUD (on sale now!)

PERFECT FOR: busy bees and travel-lovers

The Manuka Honey Straws MGO 550+ Gift Box is the perfect Christmas present for busy people, who need that extra boost.

These straws are made with high-grade certified organic Manuka, meaning they’re packed full of medicinal benefits.

Packaged in a beautiful gift box, these straws are a unique spin on a classic, classy gift.

Shop the Manuka Honey Straws MGO 550+ Gift Box.

Superior Strength: Manuka Jars MGO 550+ and 800+


PERFECT FOR: classic honey lovers, Grandpa, your boss

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a jar of Biosota’s classic Manuka honey.

Packaged in a simple, understated way, yet bursting with benefits, our certified organic Manuka honey makes the perfect gift.

High in minerals, antioxidants, and bioflavonoids, this potent antibacterial honey will really bring the wow factor to Christmas morning.

Shop Manuka honey MGO 550+ and MGO 800+.

Gifts over $100

Honey Straws – Set of Four


PERFECT FOR: sporty friends and travel lovers

Give the gift of practical and delicious ‘honey on the go’… but up the ante!

Our bulk set of Manuka Honey Straws – Set of Four includes straws with Manuka honey MGO 30+, 150+, 300+ and 550+. This is the ultimate gift for sport lovers, travellers or just those that love convenience — all with varying levels of medicinal, immune boosting Manuka honey.

This bulk set is also a great way to gift honey straws to a whole range of family members and friends… for less!

Shop the Manuka Honey Straws – Set of Four.

gifts over 50

Culinary Dreams: Manuka + Superfoods Taster Kit

PRICES POINT: $132 AUD (on sale now!)

PERFECT FOR: your budding chef friend or smoothie lover

Want a gift absolutely bursting with flavour? We’ve curated a Manuka + Superfoods Taster Kit, packed full of our bestselling Manuka Superfood jars.

A thoughtful yet unique way to stock a friend’s pantry full of new flavours, this taster kit comes with six delicious superfood blends, all guaranteed minimum MGO 30+. 

This gift is great for that special someone, or a fun way to gift a different flavour to every friend.

Shop the Manuka + Superfoods Taster Kit.

Biosota’s range of affordable gifts is perfect for friends and family alike. 

From something a bit fun (Buzzy Bear) to a bit unique (honey straws) and even a little bit fancy (Manuka MGO 550+), you’re sure to find an amazing gift in our range. If you’re after a gift that is a bit more special, check out our luxury gift guide, featuring our bestsellers.

Still need help narrowing down the perfect Christmas gift? Contact us via online chat, phone or email today.

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