Australian Certified Organic Manuka Honey

    What Qualifies Honey as Organic?

    Honey can be labeled as organic if it is produced using organic farming practices. This means that the bees producing the honey have access to pesticide-free plants and flowers that have not been treated with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or other chemicals. In addition, the beekeepers must also follow organic standards, such as not using antibiotics on the bees, using natural beekeeping methods, and not using any chemicals in the honey processing.

    Organic honey is typically produced by small-scale beekeepers who use sustainable and environmentally friendly methods to manage their hives. It is also usually free from additives, such as sugar or artificial flavors. Organic certification is often done by third-party organizations like Australian Certified Organic (ACO) to ensure that the honey meets certain standards and has been produced in an environmentally responsible way.

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    Biosota Organics Manuka Honey

    Biosota Organics Manuka honey is completely natural and non-genetically modified, with a majority of our products proudly holding Australian Certified Organic status. Our honey is sourced from pristine bee sites situated in remote areas within the Australian bush, including state rainforests and national parks. This unique location allows Biosota to produce Manuka honey without exposure to pesticides, chemicals, or pollutants.

    These untouched bee sites are carefully chosen, nestled among ancient Manuka trees, far removed from highways, main roads, and farms that could introduce contaminants. This strategic placement enables us to meet the rigorous standards of Australian Certified Organic and Glyphosate-Free certifications. Furthermore, our antibiotic-free bees are free to range and forage in the wild without disturbances from noise or external factors, far from pesticide-sprayed crops.

    We are meticulous in selecting the optimal locations for our hives and timing their placement to align with the brief 2-6 week flowering seasons of the rare Manuka species that produces the world's most potent medicinal-grade Manuka honey.

    Utilising cold extraction from the hive, we take care to avoid all heat in our honey-making process including any pasteurisation or sterilisation which may kill the living enzymes and bioactive compounds that give Manuka honey its exceptional properties.

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    Our Commitment to Sustainability

    As part of Biosota Organic’s ongoing commitment to greater sustainability:

    • Our honey is responsibly sourced from pristine, untouched rainforests and national parks of Australia and is pure, wild-foraged, raw, organic, non-pasturised, and cold-extracted.
    • Our packaging is eco-friendly: we only use BPA-free plastic and glass jars.
    • We offer carbon-neutral shipping on every order with a portion of our revenue going to vetted carbon removal companies who employ solutions like reforestation and soil carbon storage.
    • Our factories are run on solar power, reflecting this commitment to the environment.
    biosota organics sustainability commitment

    Our Commitment to Quality

    • Our products are made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients.
    • Our Manuka honey is Australian Certified Organic, Non-GMO, and free from antibiotics, glyphosates, and pesticides.
    • Our honey is produced in a purpose-built factory that is gluten-free, Kosher, and HACCP-certified for food safety.
    • Our Manuka honey products are independently lab-tested in verified for MGO strength, purity and authenticity.

      Biosota Organics Family Owned & Operated

      Family Owned & Operated

      Biosota Organics rich family history as third-generation beekeepers is something we're very proud of. We are fully committed to organic, sustainable, and ethical beekeeping best practices with as little human intervention as possible.

      Our results speak for themselves. Since 1999, Biosota has been proudly handcrafting some of the rarest, most valuable, and highest MGO-rated Australian Certified Organic Manuka honey found anywhere in the world today!

      Our premium Manuka honey is cultivated by nature with science, love, and generations of beekeeping expertise as our secret ingredients.

      Shop our Certified Organic Medicinal Manuka Honey range now.

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