Biosota wins Gold at London International Honey Awards

    Biosota Organics has been honoured with a prestigious Gold Award at the London International Honey Awards (LIHA). This accolade is a testament to their dedication to delivering high-quality, pure Manuka honey to their valued customers.

    What are the London International Honey Awards?

    The awards are a globally recognised competition designed to celebrate excellence in the honey industry. The awards are focused on:

    • Encouraging honey producers to continuously improve the quality of their products. This means that when you choose Biosota's award-winning Manuka honey, you are selecting a golden elixir that meets the highest standards.
    • Educating a wide audience about the unique value and health benefits of high-quality honey.
    • Helping consumers understand and appreciate the flavours and benefits of premium honey.

    Educating consumers on flavours and benefits of Manuka honey 

    How the London International Honey Awards process works

    To win the Gold Award, each entry underwent a thorough evaluation process. The honey was tested without any identifying packaging, ensuring an unbiased evaluation. Judges assessed the honey based on its appearance, aroma, texture, flavour, and mouth-feel.

    The honey was also rated on a numerical scale, guaranteeing that only the best products received Gold recognition.


    How the London Honey Awards process works


    Benefits of Choosing Biosota's Award-Winning Manuka Honey

    Choosing Biosota's Manuka honey means you are selecting a product that:

    • Is of exceptional quality, both in flavour and purity.
    • Enhances your everyday health and wellbeing.
    • Supports sustainable and ethical honey producing practices.

    Proud to have their premium Manuka honey recognised for its excellence, this Gold award is a reflection of Biosota's commitment to providing their customers with the best Manuka honey available.