Aussie company first to produce rarest and highest-grade Manuka honey

    In a ground-breaking development poised to reshape the Manuka honey landscape, industry pioneer Biosota Organics has broken boundaries by catapulting MGO (methylglyoxal) levels to new heights.

    Travellers passing through Heinemann Duty Free at Sydney International Airport will have the exclusive opportunity to indulge in the world’s highest MGO Manuka honey, MGO 2000+, technically lab tested at over MGO 2100.

    CEO Andrey Zubko says only 500 jars of MGO 2000+ were produced and represent less than one percent of all kinds of honey, making it extremely coveted.

    “We produce some of the rarest and strongest Manuka honey in the world and our exclusive MGO 2000+ is no exception,” says Mr Zubko.

    “Each jar of Manuka honey we produce has a region and time of vintage, similar to the wine industry, so this is a product range that offers a unique luxurious taste of Australia.

    “Our MGO 2000+ Manuka honey’s path from hive to customer is a deliberate blend of nature and science, with as little human interference as possible, ensuring that its high grade and quality stay entirely intact.”

    Medicinal Manuka honey is defined as high-grade MGO Manuka honey that is scientifically tested for its curative compounds such as antioxidants, bioflavonoids and immune-boosting enzymes.

    Biosota MGO 2000+ Manuka honey wooden case

    Retailing at $1,880 and presented in an exquisite wooden gift box, Biosota’s MGO 2000+ comes in a MIRON Violetglass jar and includes a special humidity and temperature sensor lid and provides a one-of-a-kind gift choice for corporate settings or beloved individuals looking for health-focused gifts with a meaningful message of wellness.

    “Each of our limited 500 jars of Biosota MGO 2000+ Manuka honey is carefully hand poured into a patented MIRON Violetglass jar, a unique biophotonic container designed for high-grade natural products that preserve the honey naturally, as if it was still in the beehive,” says Mr Zubko.

    ZBiosota MGO 2000+ Manuka honey temperature thermometer lid

    “We recommend storing all Manuka honey at room temperature, around 18 to 22 degrees Celsius, so the sensor lids enable you to keep your honey in perfect condition.”

    To achieve such high grades of Manuka honey, Mr Zubko says Biosota carefully considers the placement of their hives and the time of year.

    “Our hives are strategically placed to align with the short flowering seasons of the Manuka species, which usually lasts between two and six weeks,” says Mr Zubko.

    “The rural locations of our unspoiled bee sites are nestled deep in the Australian bush, state rainforests and national parks, enabling us to produce Manuka honey away from the influence of pesticides, chemicals or pollutants.

    “This allows us to achieve our glyphosate-free certifications and also ensures our antibiotic-free bees are unbothered by noise or distraction and can go about their harvest efficiently and calmy; safe from any pesticide-sprayed crops.”

    Mr Zubko says to assure the quality and originality of each harvest, Biosota’s products are rigorously tested by independently accredited laboratories.

    “Every batch of Biostoa Manuka honey is tested in two independent laboratories for its MGO levels and customers can access these lab reports on individual product pages or email us for the latest report,” says Mr Zubko.

    Unlike traditional honey, Manuka honey boasts a unique bioactive component known as methylglyoxal (MGO), which is responsible for the honey’s antibacterial capabilities and the potency of these bioactive properties increases proportionally with higher MGO levels.

    High medicinal-grade Manuka honey can be used for wounds, ulcers, infections, burns and most notably, for antibiotic resistant infections such as MRSA and golden staph infections.

    Biosota Organics is a third-generation family-owned and operated business that combines three generations of beekeeping expertise with the unique Australian environment to create the world’s rarest and finest high grade MGO Manuka honey.