Australian Manuka Honey 250G, MGO 800+, NPA/ULF 20+ pack
Australian Manuka Honey 250g, MGO 800+ pack
Australian Manuka Honey 250g, NPA 20+ pack
Australian Manuka Honey 250g pack
Australian Manuka Honey MGO 800+  NPA/ULF 20+ 250g

Australian Manuka Honey MGO 800+ NPA/ULF 20+ 250g

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Check the Honey Analysis Reports which shows NPA 20+ (a non-peroxide activity, equivalent to 20+ ULF/UMF) and a level of MGO 854+ mg/kg:

Honey Analysis Report, 19.03.2020

‘Australia’s Manuka’ ULF 20+ is pure Australian Jellybush Honey. Tested at independent laboratories and guaranteed to be at least 20+ULF this higher rated honey is rich in flavour and one of our finest. High in minerals, antioxidants and bioflavinoids this potent antibacterial honey will help to enhance and protect your body’s own defences. This active honey is a equivalent to 20+ NPA rating and the 800+MGO rating popular in Europe.

  • Soothe sore throats
  • Apply to wound dressings for minor wounds and scratches A teaspoon a day for improved digestion
  • Ease symptoms of fungal or bacterial infections
  • Mix with lemon, garlic, ginger and water to fight colds
  • Highest Potency Active Honey in a Jar

Superior levels of activity for WOUND & ORAL CARE.

Customer Reviews

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Dear Walid,

Thank you very much for your honest and valuable review.

As you know, today honey market is flooded with NZ MANUKA, they taste very much the same, because New Zealand has only one MANUKA flower.

For your information, in regards to Australia's MANUKA flowers, we have 83 species unlike NewZealand only one type and all 83 species of Australia's MANUKA flowers taste different.

In Australia MANUKA honey flowers have 12 species so far been identified as bioactive. This includes the species Leptospermum scoparium, which is found also in New Zealand. The main point is that bioactive MANUKA contains medicinal compounds DHA and MGO, which are indicated in the test results from independent laboratory.

Each honey we collect it has region and time of vintage, similar to wine industry which has time of vintage & region.

Therefore, it is expected that all our MANUKA batches of honey will taste slightly different and colour will differ. Because, we deal with nature rather than food factory.

Hope above information helps to better understand who we are :)

Kind Regards,