One of the world's most rare Manuka honey

Hailing from the Australian eastern coast and its pristine, untouched forests. Made by some of the most skilful workers on the planet — and a few of our beekeepers.
australian certified organic
Australian certified organic
Our honey is 100% Australian certified organic and non-GMO certified.
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Dedicated customer service

We're always available for your questions and comments via our online chat.

manuka honey and bees
A true treat for the senses

Experience the unforgettable smooth, aromatic flavour.

lab tested mgo honey
Independently laboratory tested

Each jar of our Manuka honey is regularly tested for its MGO levels.

Exceptionally unique

Biosota's MGO 1717+ is one of the highest-grade medicinal Manuka honey available on the market. Our production and storage process has been perfected over many years, resulting in the most unique Manuka honey in the world. At Biosota, our Manuka honey is cold extracted and not heat treated. It's rich in minerals, antioxidants, and bioflavonoids, with an unmatched flavour.

Family-owned farm

Biosota Manuka honey is cultivated with science, love, and generations of beekeeping expertise. Our family-owned farm is nestled deep in the Australian bush, with hives carefully positioned among an abundance of Manuka trees, far away from external pollutants.
Biosota customers are part of the family and share our passion for the world's finest, Australian certified organic and non-GMO Manuka honey.

Now available in a Violetglass jar

Violetglass packaging for our remarkable MGO 1717+ Manuka is now available, to extend your honey’s shelf life and health benefits. This biophotonic vessel was particularly developed to flawlessly preserve the honey, just as if it were still in the beehive. The unique properties of this jar protect the honey from the harmful effects of light while also protecting its potency. This special glass packaging is eco-friendly, made from natural raw materials, reusable and 100% recyclable.

Uncompromised authenticity

We track our honey from hive to jar, to ensure its potency, purity, and quality because knowing exactly what is in each jar is part of the Biosota difference. Every batch of Biosota Manuka honey is passionately tested in three independent laboratories for its MGO levels so you can trust that the premium organic MGO 1717+ Manuka honey is exactly what it promises to be — naturally powerful, just as bees intended.

People love our Manuka honey

"We are fans of good quality Manuka Honey and have sampled the products of many providers. We now purchase exclusively from Biosota, as it was immediately obvious upon tasting, that their honeys are very good - smooth leaving a really nice after taste. We like high MGO honey and have found Biosota to be well priced."


"To Andrej and Oksana, this honey comes in beautiful packaging and has a consistently high quality taste. This honey has helped with daily health and I have recommended it to many friends and family. I will be a return customer for a long time! Super product! Couldn't ask for better."


"My experience with this company was great. I had several questions and the person managing the chat did an amazing job. I received my jar of honey and they also included complimentary honey strips, which was very nice to get. I feel that it is a high quality product and look forward to purchasing more in the near future."


100% natural, non-GMO and Australian certified organic

Plus a few other impressive facts about our premium Manuka honey MGO 1717+


Methylglyoxal (MGO) is the naturally occurring compound, providing antibacterial qualities that make Manuka honey extraordinary. The higher the MGO number, the more potent the honey.


Each batch we bring to you from the hive is unique, exactly as the bees intended. The current batch no. 224413 has a viscous, jelly-like texture, dark amber colour, and is irresistibly medium sweet, rich mineral aromatic in flavour with perfect hints of a bitter aftertaste.


At Biosota Organics, we take quality control very seriously. Our factory has the following certifications:

  • Australian Certified Organic
  • 5-star food facility issued by the local council
  • Kosher


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Biosota Manuka honey MGO 1717+ is a true superfood with nature's immune-boosting properties.

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