Nature's Rarest Gift

Let us introduce you to the most precious and highest-grade honey we’ve ever produced, a rare, distinct, and superior MGO 2100+ Manuka honey unlike any other in the world.

Biosota Organics MGO 2100+ Manuka Honey

The World's Most Rare & Valuable Manuka Honey

Nature's Rarest Gift

Let us introduce you to the most precious and highest-grade honey we’ve ever produced, a rare, distinct, and superior MGO 2100+ Manuka honey unlike any other in the world.

Once in a Lifetime

Occasionally nature brings us a gift so rare it becomes a sought after, celebrated, and a must-have experience.

Our medicinal Manuka honey MGO 2100+ is unrivaled in its purity, potency, and taste. Its benefits are priceless and it has a great variety of uses to build and support your health.

With just 500 jars available its rarity makes it a truly exceptional natural wonder.

Nature at its Finest

This exceptional healing honey was harvested from the nectar of wild Manuka blossoms located in pristine rainforests and remote national parks along Australia's east coast.

We carefully select the placement of our hives and the exact time of year they’re positioned to ensure they take full advantage of the short flowering season of the rare species of Manuka that produces the highest medical grade honey in the world.

Australian Craftsmanship

Each of our 500 limited edition jars of MGO 2100+ Manuka honey is meticulously hand-poured into a patented Miron violet glass jar that flawlessly preserves the honey, just as if it were still in the beehive.

Individually numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity, each jar comes enclosed in a bespoke wooden gift box, including a special temperature sensor lid and glass honey dipper.

Uncompromised Authenticity

Our MGO 2100+ Manuka honey's path from hive to you is a deliberate blend of nature and science, with as little human interference as possible, ensuring that its high grade and quality stay entirely intact.

We track our honey from hive to jar and each jar is rigorously tested in independently accredited laboratories to ensure its potency, purity, and quality.

From the Biosota Family

At Biosota Organics, our passion lies in the natural healing power of Manuka honey. Our Manuka honey is cultivated with science, love and generations of beekeeping expertise.

Biosota Organics is a family-owned company and we have combined our generations of experience with the unique Australian environment to create the rarest and highest MGO-rated Manuka honey produced in the world today.

People Love our Manuka Honey

Unbelievable from start to finish!

"I have to say I am absolutely shocked. The packaging was impressive. The bottle of honey came in a golden box that reminded me of an expensive perfume. The container itself had something I had never seen before, a thermometer and humidity sensor! This way I know I am getting the full effect of this incredible honey at the right conditions. Compared to the other honeys I have ordered, this ranks #1 without a doubt. The taste is liquid gold, there's no better way to describe it. #18 of #500 is our bottle number. This product is superior."

Paul B.

Worth the Price

"Manuka honey contains MGO which is great for for reducing bacterial growth and inflammation. I use this product internally for a viruses/colds and also for scalp inflammation. Absolutely, fabulous results and ordered 4 bottles so far and enjoying the results and multiple uses. Yes, it is very expensive but your health is worth the price. Try it to see for yourself."

Deborah W.

Exceptional product

"I purchased this honey for its healing properties, as I have had a stubborn staphylococcus infection that would not completely go away even after 3 types of antibiotics. I used this 2000+ honey, and it has worked! The infection is fading away, I put it on the wound and ingested it, significant effect within the week. It’s really like nectar of nature, and the efficient distribution by the company was impressive, as was the beautiful packaging. Exceptional quality, best on the market. Highly recommend for health and healing."

Kat S. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Methylglyoxal (MGO) is a naturally occurring compound containing unique antibacterial qualities that make Manuka honey so extraordinary. The higher the MGO number, the stronger the Manuka & more potent its medicinal benefits.


Medical-strength grade Manuka honey uses include burns, wounds, ulcers, infections, gut health, colds & flu, sore throats, coughs, fatigue, and immunity building.


Each batch we bring to you from the hive is unique, exactly as the bees intended. The current edition has a viscous, jelly-like texture, dark amber colour, and is irresistibly medium sweet, rich mineral aromatic in flavour with perfect hints of a bitter aftertaste.


At Biosota Organics, we take quality control very seriously.

We are fully committed to organic, sustainable, and ethical beekeeping best practices with as little human intervention as possible. All our Manuka honey is cold-extracted and is not heated or pasteurised to preserve natural bioactivity levels.

Our Manuka honey is independently lab-tested for authenticity, strength, and purity so you can rest assured in the provenance and quality of our 100% Australian Manuka honey.

Our factory has the following certifications:

  • Australian Certified Organic & Non-GMO
  • 5-star food facility issued by the local council
  • Kosher
Experience one of the World's Rarest Natural Wonders

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